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Cardiology board review - coronary artery disease bunch of cardiology enthusiasts..... One stop source for everything cardiac..... Cardiology board review - links cardiology videos eclectrocardiograms / ecgs' ecgs' & tracings adult congenital heart disease cardiac imaging cardiac pharmacology coronary artery disease electrophysiology general cardiology heart failure & transplant pediatric cardiology valvular heart disease youtube channel disclaimer & contact us cardiology trials saturday, january 7, 2012 cabg or no cabg? A 65 years old male is seen in an outpatient clinic because of stable angina. He is currently on therapeutic doses of beta blockers,nitrates, aspirin and lipid lowering therapy. Addition of amlodipine only served in increasing anginal episodes. Next day the cardiologist and the ct surgeon are seen arguing about the best therapy for this patient. viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra cheap viagra buy viagra buy viagra online generic viagra online buy cheap viagra generic viagra Which of the following anatomy would favor bypass surgery (cabg) in comparison to pci in this patient? Click on the drop down arrow for answer answer is b. Three vessel disease all > 75%. Answer c would be correct if degree of stenoses were more severe outcomes for pci is same as cabg is similar for choices c, d and a bari -trial - journal of american college of cardiology - 2000: apr 35(5) - 1122-9 - looked at patients with multi vesssel disease with and without diabetes and concluded the in patients with diabetes who have 3 vessel disease cabg was better. Syntax trial - looked at patients with 3 vessel disease or severe left main disease - found that rates of adverse cardiac/cerebrovascular events at 12 months were significantly higher in the pci group (17. 8%, vs. 12. 4% for cabg; p = 0. 002), in large part because of an increased rate of repeat revascularization (13. 5% vs. 5. 9%, p<0. 001). At 12 months, the rates of death and myocardial infarction were similar between the two groups; stroke was significantly more likely to occur with cabg (2. 2%, vs. 0. 6% with pci; p = 0. 003). N engl j med. 2009 mar 5;360(10):961-72. ( syntax trial is one of the few trials which looked at drug eluting stents) several trials comparing pci involving bare-metal stents with cabg in patients with multivessel disease [arts i trial, mass ii trial, eraci-ii trial & awesome trial] showed similar survival rates but higher revascularization rates among patients with bare-metal stents at 5 years. Others have shown a significant long-term survival advantage with surgery [sos trial]. Stent or surgery (sos) trial follow-up data showed a continu.