Ar conjunctiva,seen in vitamin a deficiency. Brushfield spot=whitish grey spot in peripheral iris,seen in down's syndrome. Elschnig spot=yellow patches overlying area of choroidal infarction in hypertension. Fischer-khunt spot=senile scleral paque,area of hyalinised sclera anterior horizontal rectus muscle insertion. Seen in old age. Fuch's spot=pigmented (rpe hyperplasia) macular leisons in pathological myopia. Roth spots=haemorrhageswith white centres,seen in sabe, severe anaemia,collagen vascular disorders. Dots in ophthalmology gunn's dot=light reflectios from internal limiting membrane around disc and macula horner-trantras dot=collections of eosinophils at limbus in vernal conjunctivitis. Kayes' dot=subepithelial infiltrates seen in corneal graft rejection mittendorf's dot=whitish spot at posterior lens surface,remnant of hyaloid artery. Lines in ophthalmology arlt's line = conjunctival scar in sulcus subtarsalis. cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra online canada no prescription viagra for sale viagra without the prescription cheap viagra online viagra for sale Ehrlich-turck line = linear deposition of kps in ueitis ferry's line = corneal epithelial iron line at the edge of filtering blebs. Hudson-stahil line= horizonatl corneal epithelial iron line at the inferior one third of cornea due to aging. Khodadoust line = corneal graft endothelial rejection line composed of inflammatory cells. Paton's line = circumferential retinal folds due to optic nerve edema. Sampaoelesi line = increased pigmentation anterior to schwalbe's line in pseudoexfoliation syndrome. Scheie's line = pigment on lens equator and posterior capsule in pigment dispersion syndrome. Schwalbe's line = angle structure representing peripheral edge of descemets membrane. Stockers line = corneal epithelial iron line at the edge of pterygium white lines of vogt = sheathed or sclerosed vessels seen in lattice degeneration ñï ãú çþêèçó 26th november 2011 11:42 pm #4 dahdoh ãôçåïé çáãáý çáôîõí view forum posts ñóçáé îçõé view blog entries èçáøæ ðåèí êçñíî çáêóìíá aug 2008 çáãôçñßçê 1,677 ãæïí åæ mentioned 0 post(s) tagged 2 thread(s) triads in ophthalmology bÁlint's syndrome is loosely associated with a triad of visuospatial dysfunctions: simultanagnosia, optic ataxia, and ocular motor apraxia behÇet's disease was initially described by behçet in 1937 as a triad of oral ulcers, genital ulcers and hypopyon uveitis. Cerebral whipple's disease includes a triad of somnolence, dementia and ophthalmoplegia. Cone degeneration includes the hallmark triad of progressive central acuity loss, color vision disturbances and photophobia. Congenital glaucoma includes the commonly described triad of epiphora, blepharospasm and photophobia. Congenit.
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